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Our Diagnostics Department represents the very latest in imaging technology. In fact, no other primary-care facility in south-central Kansas can match our imaging capabilities. Registered technicians perform every diagnostic service at Family MedCenters, and board-certified radiologists and cardiologists interpret the studies.


CT/Cat Scan
Cross-sectional imaging of the body,
particularly useful for imaging of soft tissues.

Best known for monitoring pregnancies,
but also applicable to study of internal organs.

For breast examination and the early
detection of tumors.

MRI/Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Especially useful in diagnoses of the brain, the
spinal cord, joints, and the abdomen.

Dexa-Bone Densitometry
For investigation of bone density, in the diagnosis of osteoporosis, for example.

Nuclear Medicine Studies
Diagnoses involving radioactive chemical elements.

Capable of showing internal organs in motion.

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