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Dr. Furgeson
Del G. Rey, MD | Haysville
Educational Background:
High School:
College: B.A. Wichita State University, Wichita, Ks. Major: Secondary Education / History May 1991 Cum Laude. M.A. Friends University, Wichita Ks. Major: School Leadership / Administration May 1995
MedICAL School: M.D. University of Kansas School of Medicine
Residency Training:

Wesley Family Medicine

UMKC Truman Medical Center: Emergency Medicine



ACLS Provider
ACLS Instructor
American Academy of Family Physicians: Resident member 2004-present

Kansas Academy of Family Physicians: Resident representative of Wesley Family Medicine to Kansas

Academy of Family Physicians 2004-2005
Wesley Family Medicine: Resident representative to Wichita Center for Graduate Medical Education (WCGME)2004-2006, Resident elect to WCGME executive council 2005-2006, Resident elect to Wesley Hospital Graduate Medical Education council 2005-2006

American College of Emergency Physicians: Resident Member 2003-2004

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine: Resident Member 2003-2004

American Medical Association: Student Member 1999-2003

why i practice medicine:  

I did not decide to go into medicine until my late 20's, so I have a non-traditional background. I started my professional career as a high school history teacher and was committed to helping students reach there goals. Ironically, I learned as much or more from my students, than they from me. I started to understand that life really is about helping people, and although I loved teaching I knew that my time in education was a starting point and not my final destination. Practicing medicine for me was in reality the perfect fit, and the specialty of "Family Medicine" was a natural evolution from my educational background. Each day I put on my white coat and don my stethoscope I get to do all the things I love. Medicine allows me to be a teacher, a coach, and a friend. Medicine demands what I expect of myself and that is to do my absolute best each time I see a patient. I practice medicine simply because I love it, and can think of nothing else I would rather do.

Joined Family MedCenters:  
2006 --
Why I practice in HAYSVILLE :  
My wife and I chose Haysville after an exhaustive search. I was fortunate to have numerous opportunities and interviewed in Missouri, Texas and Arizona as well as Kansas. Although many places I interviewed were terrific opportunities with many good people, no place seemed perfect. My wife kept reminding me that Family MedCenters in Haysville was looking for the right candidate. We still have family who live in Haysville and my wife and I both grew up in Haysville and completed all our schooling in the district. I decided to contact them and was fortunate to get a chance to interview with the staff and see the facilities and hear about the opportunities that exist with the group. I realized pretty quickly that this was a perfect fit for me both professionally and personally. In the end there is no place like home.  
Pike’s Peak Ascent Race: Successfully completed the ascent race 4 times with a PR set in 2003- 3:57:58. Campus High School: Elected in to schools Athletic Hall of Fame in 2001.

HOBBIES: Hiking, running, cycling, gardening, and spending time with family
Other Involvements:
KU (1999-2000) Kansas City, Ks. “Don’t Choke on Smoke” program
KU (1999-2000) Kansas City, Ks. “KU Kids”
United Methodist Health Ministries (1997-1999) Wichita, Ks.  
First Christian Church of Haysville (1988-1994) Haysville, Ks.
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